Question: Why Are My Cigars Soft?

If the cigar was fine when you purchased it, but has become soft inside your humidor, it probably means that the cigar is absorbing too much humidity.

An overly moist cigar may have a moldy taste, and will be difficult to light or keep lighted.

Should cigars be hard or soft?

Dry cigars are very brittle, so if you hear any cracking, then you know the cigar is too dry. If the cigar feels spongy and soft, then it’s too damp. Cigars should feel firm and resilient, similar to how your finger feels when you squeeze it.

How do you tell if a cigar is properly humidified?

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What happens if you over humidify a cigar?

Humidity makes your cigars swell and when you change from a very humid environment to a significantly decreased humidity, the outer part of the cigar will lose humidity first and tighten up around an over-humidified and swollen center, which can cause your cigar to crack.

Why are my cigars hard?

The less cigars that are in your humidor means more humidity is trying to get into those cigars which will over-humidify them. This way the humidity is perfectly balanced. Adding too many cigars can lead to dry cigars and having less than 30% maximum capacity can lead to over-humidification.

Can cigars be rehydrated?

Perhaps you need to rehydrate a cigar that you left in your car. They can be brought back as long as 1) the wrapper hasn’t cracked, and 2) the cigars have not become so dry that all the oils have evaporated from the tobaccos. The process of rehydrating cigars can take weeks or months, so it’s important not to rush it.

Can a cigar be too moist?

When a cigar gets damp, the tobacco leaves swell and it becomes difficult to draw smoke through them. Excess moisture also makes it difficult to maintain an even burn and can lead to a number of different problems. Cigars get damp when they’re exposed to excessive moisture.

What to do if a cigar dries out?



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Is it OK to smoke a dry cigar?

Yes, Cigars Can Go Bad

Because moisture is integral to any handmade premium cigar, it must be maintained up until the moment you smoke it. When a cigar is dried out, its construction, taste, and consistency are negatively impacted. A similar result will also occur if a cigar is over-humidified.

Can you bring cigars back to life?

Rotate the cigars every 2-3 days. After two weeks of doing this, you can place the cigars inside a properly maintained humidor. You may not be able to restore the cigars to their original quality but they can certainly be enjoyable smokes if you take the time to bring them back to life.

At what humidity do cigars dry out?

This means you can easily dampen cigars when your hygrometer reads 50% humidity or dry out cigars when it reads 70% humidity. To keep a consistent and healthy environment in your cigar humidor, the relative humidity level should decrease as the temperature increases and vice versa.

Is 75 humidity too high for cigars?

Cigar won’t burn or draw as well at high humidity, i.e. a cigar stored at 65%RH will typically smoke great, while one at 75% is likely to be tight and burn unevenly. High humidity greatly increases your chance of mold.

How long will a cigar last in a humidor?

about 5 years