What’s The Most Expensive Rum?

What is a high end rum?

Best Rum under $50

  • Plantation. XO Barbados 20th Anniversary Rum. Rum. 8.5/10.
  • Diplomático. Reserva Exclusiva. Rum. 8.3/10.
  • Ron Zacapa. Solera 23. Rum. 8.3/10.
  • Ron Millonario. Sistema Solera 15 Reserva. Rum.
  • Bumbu. The Original Rum. Rum. 8.9/10.
  • Kirk and Sweeney. 18 Year Old Rum. Rum. 8.5/10.
  • Dos Maderas. PX 5YO + 5YO Rum. Rum. $40.99.
  • Papa’s Pilar. Rum Dark. Rum.

What is the oldest rum in the world?

The oldest surviving deed for the company is from 1703, making Mount Gay Rum the world’s oldest commercial rum distillery. The current majority shareholder of Mount Gay Distilleries since 1989 is Rémy Cointreau. Mount Gay Rum is sold in 110 countries, and its primary export market is the United States of America.

What is the best dark rum to buy?

12 Best Dark Rums

  1. Gosling’s Black Seal ($20)
  2. El Dorado Original Dark Superior Rum ($14)
  3. Coruba Dark Rum ($18)
  4. Cruzan Black Strap Rum $16.
  5. Lemon Hart 151 Demerara Rum ($33)
  6. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva ($37)
  7. Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum ($71)
  8. Zacapa 23 $48.

What is the best sipping rum?

Ditch the Mixer—the 10 Best Sipping Rums Are Best Served Neat

  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum.
  • Angostura 1919.
  • Appleton Estate Extra 12.
  • Santa Teresa 1796.
  • Parce.
  • El Dorado 15. El Dorado Special Reserve 15 Year Old Rum $57.
  • Clément. Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole $32.
  • Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos. Havana Club 7 Year Old Rum Anejo $28.

What rum can you drink straight?

8 Best Rums to Sip Straight

  1. Ron Barrilito 3 Star Rum $35.
  2. Diplomatico Blanco Reserve Rum $31.
  3. Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Cask Rum $44.
  4. El Dorado 12 Year Demerara Rum $34.
  5. Santa Teresa 1796 Rum $44.
  6. Rhum J.M. X.O.
  7. Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum $90.
  8. Facundo Exquisito Rum $150.

Is Captain Morgan or Bacardi better?

Bacardi Select has 40% alcohol by volume rating while the Captain Morgan Original Spiced has 35% ABV. Bacardi Select is described as generally good dark rum with a smooth taste that could be enjoyed with or without cola. It has a more complex taste and goes down burning, just what most people would want a liquor to do.

What country makes the best rum?

There is no absolute answer to this questions, but you can expect the people of every rum producing country to claim the title for themselves, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Jamaica, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Guyana, Trinidad, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Lucia,

What is the most expensive bottle of rum?

Here are five of the most expensive bottles of rum to have ever been sold:

  • Black Tot British Royal Navy Imperial Rum – $3,000.
  • Appleton Estate 50-year-old Jamaican Rum – $5,999.99.
  • Legacy by Angostura – $25,000.
  • 1949 J. Wray and Nephew Rum – $54,000.
  • 1780 Harewood Rum – $100,000+

Who first made rum?

Plantation slaves first discovered that molasses, a by-product of the sugar refining process, fermented into alcohol. Later, distillation of these alcoholic by-products concentrated the alcohol and removed impurities, producing the first true rums. Tradition suggests that rum first originated on the island of Barbados.

Which is better white rum or dark rum?

Dark rum has a stronger taste and overtones than white rum. 4. Caramel may be added to darken rum, while a filtering process may be utilized to make lighter rum, such as white rum.

What are some dark rums?

Here are six of our favorite dark rums to get you up to date on just how awesome distilled sugarcane can be on its own.

  1. Zacapa 23.
  2. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.
  3. Gosling’s Black Seal.
  4. Papa’s Pilar Dark 24 Rum.
  5. Myer’s Original Dark Rum.
  6. Plantation Original Dark Rum.

What is the best cheap rum?

The Best Rum Under $30

  • 5: Duquesne Blanc ($28)
  • 6: El Dorado 3 Year White ($18)
  • 7: Hamilton Guyana ($25)
  • 8: Hamilton Guyana Overproof ($24)
  • 9: Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black ($27)
  • 10: Montanya Platino ($28)
  • 11: Old New Orleans Cajun Spice ($29)
  • 12: Plantation Barbados Grande Réserve 5 Year ($25)

Is Rum good to drink straight?

4: Drink It Like Whiskey—with a Splash of Water or Ice

Most spirits are distilled to 40 percent alcohol by volume, or 80 proof, but many rums are bottled at higher proofs. For those stiffer rums, “adding ice or a splash of water will mellow it out so the alcohol vapors don’t overpower the subtle flavors,” says Vida.

Is Rum good for health?

Promotes heart health

Just like vodka, rum is a blood thinner and can prevent peripheral artery diseases. Rum can increase good cholesterol, also known as HDL cholesterol, and combat artery blockages, helping to prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

Is Captain Morgan a good rum?

Captain Morgan spiced rum almost always scores the lowest. In almost every case, Captain Morgan spiced rum is among the top rated rums mixed in a cocktail. The simple answer is that Captain Morgan spiced rum has been carefully developed to do its job as a mixing rum that blends well in cocktails.

Can you drink Bacardi rum straight?

Drinking Bacardi Straight or “Neat” Choose one of Bacardi’s full-bodied rums, such as the Reserva Limitada. For a milder flavor, you can choose a lighter Premium label rum, such as the Gran Reserva Diez. Also, if straight rum is too harsh for you, you can choose from a number of sweet, fruit-infused Bacardi labels.

Does Rum get you drunk?

That alcohol is ethyl alcohol, aka ethanol, and it’ll get you drunk. According to the Alcohol Is Alcohol argument, 80-proof tequila should have the same effect on you as 80-proof vodka, rum, gin or whiskey.

What is the best rum to drink straight?

Ahoy: 7 Best Rums Worth Sipping Straight

  1. Appleton Estate Reserve. Despite their ubiquity (especially in Jamaica), it’s hard to go wrong with any Appleton rum.
  2. Brugal Especial Extra Dry.
  3. El Dorado 15 Year Old.
  4. St. Nicholas Abbey 15 Year Old.
  5. Gosling’s Black Seal.
  6. Myers’s Original Dark Rum.
  7. Diplomático Ambassador.