Quick Answer: What Pods Come With Juul Starter Kit?

The Juul starter kit comes complete with 4 different juul pod flavors such as cool mint, mango, creme brulee, and virginia tobacco.

Each measuring out to 50mg per pod which as Juul states is the equivalent to about 1 pack of cigarettes.

How many pods does a Juul starter kit come with?

The JUUL Starter Kit comes with JUUL pod refills that come in 5% nicotine (nic salt) by weight. Each JUUL pod contains 0.7ml of pre-filled e-liquid offering approximately 200 puffs per pod. With JUUL pod refills include seven flavors from Tobaccos to gourmet flavored pods, there’s a flavors for all adults.

How much does a Juul starter kit cost?

The Juul starter kit costs $49.99. After that, it costs $15.99 for a pack of four flavored liquid cartridges called pods, which are 5 percent nicotine.

Do Juul starter kits come charged?

Regardless of what kit you start with, your JUUL device will come with a USB charger for charging. That charge will last you about one full day or through one full JUUL pod (about 200 puffs). That battery is also designed with smart-charge technology.

What is a Juul starter kit?

About the JUUL Starter Kit:

  • The JUUL Starter Kit is a sleek and stylish e-cigarette that keeps everything simple.
  • Pod mod e-cig devices are designed to be easily set up by any type of user.
  • The JUUL Starter Kit comes with JUULpod refills that come in 5% nicotine by weight strength (50mg nicotine).