What Can You Buy In Cuba?

Rum, cigars and revolution have been, perhaps, at least until recently, the three most popular exports from Cuba.

18 Uniquely Cuban Things to Buy in Havana

  • Paintings.
  • Wood Handicraft.
  • World-Famous Cuban Cohiba Cigars.
  • Havana Club Rum.
  • Coconut Monkeys.
  • Cuban Food.
  • Tostonera.
  • Cuban Vintage Stamps or Coins.

What should you buy in Cuba?

The top things worth buying in Cuba – to wear, drink, visually enjoy or decorate your home

  1. 1 – Cigars and Rum.
  2. 3 – Local Natural Beauty Products.
  3. 4 – T-shirt and/or a Hat.
  4. 5 – Cuban Coffee.
  5. 6 – Paintings and Wood Sculptures.
  6. 7 – Hand-embroidered Cotton Tablecloths.
  7. 8 – Cuban Music CD by a Local Band.
  8. 9 – Bean Necklaces.

What can I bring home from Cuba?

In American dollars, you may bring back $800 worth of souvenirs to the US from Cuba duty-free.

  • Cigars and Rum. In the alcohol and tobacco category, most people want to bring home the elusive Cuban cigar and some locally made rum.
  • Cigar Humidor.
  • Art.
  • CDs.
  • Jewelry.
  • Handcrafted Dominoes.
  • Perfume.

18 Oct 2018

What is the most famous thing in Cuba?

With all this history and beauty, as well as superb diving and fishing, Cuba offers a depth and diversity few Caribbean islands can rival.

  1. 1 Old Havana (Habana Vieja) Plaza Vieja.
  2. 2 Varadero.
  3. 3 Trinidad.
  4. 4 Guardalavaca.
  5. 5 Playa Paraíso, Cayo Largo del Sur.
  6. 6 Cayo Coco.
  7. 7 Parque Nacional Viñales (Valle de Viñales)
  8. 8 Baracoa.

What is the best currency to use in Cuba?

The best currencies are Euros, Canadian Dollars, or Sterling since these are the most common and the exchange rates are generally quire reasonable. Bear in mind that the CUC is pegged to the US Dollar (at 1:1) so a stronger US Dollar means a stronger CUC (and hence less CUCs for your Euros/Sterling etc.).

Can you drink the tap water in Cuba?

It is not recommended that you drink the water in Cuba from the taps in the resort. It’s safe to clean your teeth with it, however drink bottled water.

Can you flush toilet paper in Cuba?

You can’t flush toilet paper or any other toiletries down the toilet. Because they don’t want folks putting toilet paper in the toilet, some of them won’t even have any in the bathroom. Pack baby wipes or tissue with you and a lot of hand sanitizer. Even still, Cuba was amazing.

What gifts to take to Cuba for locals?

So here it is, look no further, your “things to bring to Cuba to give away as gifts” list:

  • Kids tooth brushes (fun stuff like Superman or Dora)
  • Tooth paste, mouthwash, floss.
  • Deodorant, antiperspirants.
  • Hair scrunchies — a lot of them.
  • Feminine hygiene products.
  • Vitamins — both adult and for kids.

What is the best time of year to go to Cuba?

When is the best time to visit Cuba? Cuba has a warm tropical climate with two distinct seasons. The best time to visit is from December to May, when you can expect dry, sunny days and plenty of blue skies.

Can I use credit card in Cuba?

Visa, Euro and Master cards are widely accepted, but US card issuers like American Express and Diners’ Club are still blocked. You should check with your card issuer to ensure it can be used in Cuba. There is normally a commission for using a credit card at around 3% for both purchases and cash withdrawals.