Upgrade more weapons in Sniper Team 3

Want to be a sniper? Want to experience an exciting training? Why not engage in the flash game called Sniper Team 3. This may not be a real life sniper experience but it can give the feeling of being a sniper in an exciting and safe way. The good thing about this game is that one is able to practice his or her target shooting. The objective of this game is the same with the previous versions since this is the third installment already. The objective of this game is to kill or shoot enemies trying to destroy your base. You will play the role of a sniper who belongs to a team. You have to be a good shooter in order to advance in the next level. Day one pertains to the training period. In this period, you can have the chance to be familiar with the game before advancing to the main battleground where you can upgrade more exciting weapons. There is also an extra mode available which is the Task Force Mode which enables a player to battle with another player. Visit the game’s homepage for more information.


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