Strike Force Heroes 2 unblocked at school

For those who love shooting games, the Second version of Strike Force Heroes game series is always the best recommended online game. You will definitely love this game specially its good graphics and you will all well enjoy each and every level of the game. Your ultimate goal is to shoot all your enemies and leave no one alive.


There are three game modes to play in the Second version, Strike Force Heroes 2: the Campaign, Challenges, and Custom Game. There are fifteen missions to accomplish in Campaign Mode, the first being the Tutorial. You have to unlock one mission after the other. If needed, you can always return back to your previous Missions. In each Mission, there are three difficulty levels, the Hard level, the Normal level and the Insane level. Try your best to survive in those three difficulties. After accomplishing your goal, you can transform your soldier as to appearance, skill and killstreak.

You can select from five types of soldiers: the Engineer, the General, the Mercenary, the Juggernaut, and the Sniper. Each type of soldier has its own features and own weapons. Your soldier needs to kill a certain number of enemies for you to advance in the next level. The more advanced your soldier makes, the more classy his features and weapons will be. Killing your enemies will earn you cash too. You need your cash to buy anything you want in the Shop. You can as well upgrade your weaponries and buy other tools in the shop. That shop is in the Soldiers Menu. You can also see the Slot Machine where you can play in the Shop for a reasonable amount of cash. If you are even luckier, you could win special weapons in the Slot Machine.

In the Second version of Strike Force Heroes, the Challenge Mode is similar to the advance stage of the Campaign Mode. However, it is a little harder than the Campaign Missions. This chapter has more actions and shootings. It has fifteen Missions and you can play this in three difficulty levels. In the Custom Game, select your game mode then modify the game depending on your comfort zone. It is a multiplayer game mode. Two players can at least play the game.

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