Strike Force Heroes 2: Born Killers, Made Heroes

Have you ever wanted to feel the rush of being a field soldier? How about the feeling of having the privilege to choose weapons from a bunch of selections? The producers, Armor Games and Not Doppler, had teamed up to bring you the second installment of the spectacular game play, Strike Force Heroes 2. An improved installment of the game play has a brilliant opening music that would make you nod to the top. The graphic is better than before.
Your ultimate goal in Strike Force Heroes 2 is to kill the vicious enemies and steal their flags to get the big win. Just like before, you have different selections of weapons. But every mission unlocked, you would be offered new available weapons in the shop. There would also be new skills, appearances and kill streaks. The game is easy to control. Mouse and a few keys will do it. Practice your strategical skills with Strike Force Heroes 2.


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