Solve mysteries in space in Space Oddities

Unveil the truth and find out what happened in a apace station that works for humans in Space Oddity. The Space Station LPXVII has stopped communicating HQ four months ago, your ship is the closest one and you are ordered to get inside and find out what happened. Commanding officer suspects that the ships mainframe malfunctioned and orders you to recover the energy supply module. You play as Space Explorer Anderman and your mission is to get into the core of the space station, look for ways to get inside and explore the ship.

Space Oddity (2)

There are couples of puzzles that you need to analyze and solve. Solving one will lead you to another and so on. There are series of numbers and patterns that you must remember throughout the game, that will help you to open up more leads. The game ends in an cut scene where your ship’s communication has been also cut off. Finish the game and all the following sequels to find out what will happen to Mister Anderman.

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