Show your precise shooting skills in Mort the Sniper

Are you familiar with Mort the Sniper? This is not a movie or a television series but a flash game. Specifically, this is about a sniper who has a big mission related to the society. But before that, let us tackle some facts about a sniper.


A sniper is a person who is trained, skilled and expert in long range shooting or in short, he or she can shoot a target from a long distance. For some, snipers are very mysterious because they are used in delicate situations like crimes or hostages and other stuffs. On a lighter, there is a flash game like Mort the Sniper where gamers can enjoy being a virtual sniper. Your role is to be Mort who has a mission to eliminate bad guys spread around the city. You should utilize the rifle given to you and precisely and accurately shoot your target. With this event, the peace and order in the society is restored.

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