Show What You Know In Slime Volleyball 2

This is a second sequel of great volleyball games. If you like playing volleyball or you are just a fan, this is a great opportunity to play it. You also have an option to play with your friends, so the games becomes more challenging and more fun. You can also play with the computer, and maybe it is better option to choose for the beginning. This way you can practice and improve your skills so you can show them off to your friends later.
Slime Volleyball 2 has 5 challenging levels for you to complete. You can choose to play with one player or multiplayer. Your player will be at your left side. You will be playing to six points. Whoever wins six points first, wins the game! You can touch the ball as much times as you want. But whatever you do, don’t let the ball fall on the ground. Good luck and have fun!


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