Shoot the balls in Billiard Master Pro

If you are billiard fanatic, you will love the full game Billiards Master Pro. It has good graphics and design. And you can easily give your best shot using your mouse. It offers both the 8-Ball rule and the straight pool game.
In the 8-Ball rule, you are to shoot any ball except the black ball which you are to shoot the least. While in the straight pool, you only have to be the first to shoot eight balls. And in each rule, you have the option to either play against the computer or against another player. Billiards Master Pro, just like the actual billiards, is a good bonding game. You can play it with a family or a friend. You do not need to have the billiard table and the big space for the huge table and the complete set of balls and cues.

Billiards Master Pro (2)

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