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Find the clues in Synapsis 2

Two famous authors Rob Donkiin and Robot Jam are well-reputed producers of online games. Hundreds of games have been launched, presented, and developed by both of them. And people from all over the world are enjoying their created games. Now, they came with a new game Synapsis 2, which is the 2nd part of Synapsis series. The version relates to escaping, so you will have to try your best in order to escape from the provided place safely. Use your mind to find the ways and make a few strategies for helping the character designed especially for this game.
To escape, you may need to do many tasks, such as searching the rooms for finding the clues, reassembling the items to make the doors opened, and your machines should be repowered perfectly. The aim of this game is to explore your old memories to learn the truth.

Synapsis 2

Avoid friend’s head in Bowman 2

Are you ready to play Bowman 2, which is the 2nd release of the series Bowman? The author is free world group, that is a big name of creating online flash games. In this game, your task is to aim the apple, focus on its bottom side. Remember, the apple will be placed on your friend’s head, so you have to shoot the apple avoiding hitting the head or else you will lose your friend.
How to play this version? Well, first of all, you will click the mouse button and then drag left button of your mouse to aim. Now draw back the arrow, and then release. Keep in mind that releasing means you arrow has gone to the target. The game relates to shooting because the player has to shoot the arrow using a bow with the help of mouse.

Bowman 2

Find hidden items in Golden Trails 2

Enjoy this 2nd installment of a most enjoyable series Golden Trails, the name of this sequel is Golden Trails 2. In this version, the player will travel back to old days, to the 18th century. Your mission is to find the amazing secrets of the past days. The Lost Legacy, a perfect, fantastic, and amazing game where many hidden objects and puzzles can be found. The player will find his grandfather accused because of a piracy he did and he is condemned to death.
Now, it’s your goal to search what is the truth, and try to save him and stop the penalty from being continued. Try to find a logbook containing the detail of missing of the ship, with wich the player will learn about a legend that is long forgotten. Enjoy this game that has many beautiful locations and roads.

Golden Trails 2

20 levels in Monkey Go Happy 7

Everybody faces sometimes in his life when he see the things going not well. Check http://www.monkeygohappy7.com/ You feel sometimes the day is very boring and sad, that can make any person to cry. Exactly this kind of feeling the monkey has in Monkey Go Happy 7. His day doesn’t seem to be right, and the monkey needs to cry. Your goal is to think how this monkey can be made happy again and it’s possible by making each puzzle successful in this 7th version, Monkey Go Happy 7.
The levels that have been added to this version are more than 18. Each level is challenging and contain a lof puzzles. 4 bonus round can be found so that will help you gain more coins and more scores. You will see the levels written as Stages instead of levels, written in nice buttons.

Monkey Go Happy 7

Overcome obstacles in vex 3

Are you ready for one of the hardest adventures of the life? Vex 3 game is the 3rd edition that has new achievements to finish, and more hard levels to achieve and complete. It is filled with many new obstacles that must be overcome as well as other good things to enjoy. Right? Get this game to enjoy.As soon as this game is totally loaded, you will see that you are on the main menu.
On this menu, you have to choose what mode are you willing to play. You are free to create your own levels, check out the rooms of trophies or select the option level to enter. Remember, must check the options panel first before you start playing the game if this is the first time for you to enter this game.

vex 3

Try Bermuda Escape for adventure

Arcadetown.com produced this game named Bermuda Escape. Your goal is to find the dive gear before you suffocated in water, and then find and explore the unlawful, banned and forbidden zone. Have you ability to place the broken tiles and have you power to enter the spaceship? If yes, then you must remember those mysterious and cryptics drawings.This game was produced on 8th of Feb, 2011 and has been played about 2,280,663 times. Nothing is needed to learn, just use the mouse to control this game.
The game will be played using the underwater interface. Before you enter into this game, must be familiar with the ways to escape. Get ready to find the secrets of Bermuda Triangles in playing this amazing game. Do you own your own sim fines? Make sure to have, otherwise it would be dangerous for you.

Bermuda Escape

Get an idea about Rich Cars Games

Rich cars are the best cars in which any player can travel and go on a long drive. The player must become the richest and best illegal car racer. The vehicles may be not new, but they are highly classy and very comfortable. Those cars are able to make drivers extremely desirable and attractive even in this modern world. These games contain different cars that quite unique with different difficulty and functions they provide. Today, almost every player wants to play this kind of games. If you visit the site that contains these games to play you will get an idea about which car should be chosen to enjoy.
More than 4 versions of the series have been released to download and play online. The first version introduces the major and main theme of all the versions and gives a good objective and environment.

Rich Cars Games

Put the thread into a needle in Scary Maze Game 4

We are lucky today because we can find a lot of online games to play, which can be played online as well as they’re available to download. Today, many of those online games are strategy and action games, but a large number of games are scary games, which are able to delight the teens with their plots and beautiful images. One of those games is Scary Maze 4. Although, the game is pretty simple in its design and interface, but playing it not easy, very hard levels have to come, so get ready to achieve them successfully. Read more info about Scary Maze 4 by clicking this link http://www.scarymazegame4.org/
The players has some stages to go through, every stage is quite hard and the player’s main goal is how to put a thread into the needle.

Scary Maze Game 4

A shooter game Tactical Assassin 2

Keep in mind that flash games commonly take a wide approach to the new generations. Several flash games have been designed for different kind of people and players, but the fact is that the developers still try to take care of trends while they design them. Actually, when a flash game becomes a big enough, such as Robot Unicorn Attack, some of the developers try to improve it by applying a typical and established formula. Tactical Assassin 2 is not of those types of games, it remains a reminder of the fact that flash is popular still in online games. Read more info here http://www.tacticalassassin2.com/
Sure, the game can be classified as a shooter game, but I think keeping it a shooting game can’t adequately explain which the game offers actually.

Tactical Assassin 2 (1)

Test you aim in Marksmen Hunter

Looking to watch a man who is expert in shooting and aiming his targets perfectly? Marksmen Hunter is the game that can show you such man who is comfortable with shooting and killing his enemies. You have to end and kill the tiny targets with the bullets that are precisely placed. Remember, you have to watch them carefully, they are very dangerous and sneaky enemies.
Use your mouse to make the aim and then fire, while the space bar is just for making the scope. The producers placed this game in the category of shooting games and they launched it in 2011.