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Bowman 1: A Great Archery Game

If you like archery games, you should definitely try out Bowman 1. This is the first of the Bowman series, and it’s very challenging. It has simple graphics and controls, but it is very provocative. There are different modes of the game and some very interesting tasks for you. It is best for you to begin with the Practice mode. Later you can try out other modes, like Player vs Computer and Player vs Player mode. In the first mode you can practice and when you improve your aiming and shooting skills, you can try other two modes. In the Practice mode you aim at the target, while in other modes you aim at the opponent.
This is what makes these two modes more challenging and a little bit more difficult. You can also choose whether you want wind to disturb you, or not. Find out about more settings and options at http://www.bowman3.com/bowman.


Strike Force Heroes 2: Born Killers, Made Heroes

Have you ever wanted to feel the rush of being a field soldier? How about the feeling of having the privilege to choose weapons from a bunch of selections? The producers, Armor Games and Not Doppler, had teamed up to bring you the second installment of the spectacular game play, Strike Force Heroes 2. An improved installment of the game play has a brilliant opening music that would make you nod to the top. The graphic is better than before.
Your ultimate goal in Strike Force Heroes 2 is to kill the vicious enemies and steal their flags to get the big win. Just like before, you have different selections of weapons. But every mission unlocked, you would be offered new available weapons in the shop. There would also be new skills, appearances and kill streaks. The game is easy to control. Mouse and a few keys will do it. Practice your strategical skills with Strike Force Heroes 2.


Be the master specialist in Bridal Beauty Makeover

Do you know the essence of flash games that focus on beauty? There are three answers that can satisfy the question asked. One is because it raises awareness about the importance of looking good. Second is because it raises the awareness about beauty inside and out. Last is because it gives entertainment to young girls and boys who are fascinated about beauty. The topic of this article is about an example of a flash game about beauty and it is called Bridal Beauty Makeover. This is all about beauty and make up. The wedding day is one of the most important events in a bride’s life that is why it is important for her to look glamorous and beautiful.
As the player of this game, you will act as a make-up artist who must show his or her skills in makeup and beauty makeovers. Help beautify the bride as much as possible and you will surely earn high score and points.

Bridal Beauty Makeover (3)

Upgrade more weapons in Sniper Team 3

Want to be a sniper? Want to experience an exciting training? Why not engage in the flash game called Sniper Team 3. This may not be a real life sniper experience but it can give the feeling of being a sniper in an exciting and safe way. The good thing about this game is that one is able to practice his or her target shooting. The objective of this game is the same with the previous versions since this is the third installment already. The objective of this game is to kill or shoot enemies trying to destroy your base. You will play the role of a sniper who belongs to a team. You have to be a good shooter in order to advance in the next level. Day one pertains to the training period. In this period, you can have the chance to be familiar with the game before advancing to the main battleground where you can upgrade more exciting weapons. There is also an extra mode available which is the Task Force Mode which enables a player to battle with another player. Visit the game’s homepage for more information.


Be familiar with Earn to Die Walkthrough

Are you familiar with a walkthrough? It is like a guide for players about a certain game. It explains the level included in the game so that players who are already playing and first timers will have an idea on how the game is played. This certain takes away the complication players face whenever they play a certain level which they are not familiar with. One perfect example is Earn to Die Walkthrough which is certainly about the series called Earn to Die. This walkthrough educates or explains the objective of the game which is to crash zombies as many as the player can using different vehicles available. The player is in a scenario where he needs to find a safety place away from the zombie hordes but doing so is not an easy thing because there are zombies everywhere ready to take the player down.
It will depend on the player on how he will crash all the zombies in a continuous ride. There are 8 available vehicles which means a lot of option to destroy the zombie hordes. To get more information about this wakkthrough, just visit www.earntodie2.org/earn-to-die-walkthrough.

Earn To Die walkthrough

Be the best team in March Mania

Basketball is one of the sports that have earned great amount of popularity worldwide because of three reasons. First is because it is a team sports which means many people can play. Second is the goal which is to shoot the ball on the basket which requires precision and a bit of Physics. Last is that it enables to build power, control and eye contact of an individual which is a symbol of a beneficial activity. No wonder why there are flash games emerging with it as the theme like March Mania. It is another medium for basketball fans to enjoy the sports. With March Mania, the player will have to choose or create a team where he or she will pick the teammates.
The team will have to beat their rivals to earn points and advance to the next level of the game. The graphics in this game is perfectly fine which surely attracts players. Play March Mania on the official website and enjoy the hoops.

March Mania

Break down the blocks in Blosics 3

Do you love Physics? Do you understand most details that this subject contains? If you are on the negative side, it is understandable to have that answer because Physics is a subject that may seem simple but very tricky or complicated as the discussion progresses. However, today’s topic is not mainly about physic but a flash game with the touch of force and projection. The game is called Blosics 3. It is a physics-based game where one needs to measure and predict right force and direction to break the blocks set up in a pattern.
There are three features that a player should give attention. One is the size of the ball. It is an important element in succeeding the game. The size of the ball is integral because some hit less force while others offers greater power that you should pick. One must also decide the projection of the ball. The way you interact with the game depends on what pattern is presented on each level. You must be able to put enough angle and power for the ball to hit all the blocks. Lastly, one should be familiar with the number of balls, which is 13, and a level, which is 30 to be able to operate easily, while the game progresses. Blosics 3 will surely make you think more and interact well.

Blosics 3

Gude your ball in Scary Maze Game 2

Do you like taking up challenges and proving everyone wrong? Do you think your hand and eye coordination is flawless? Well, if your said yes to both questions, then it’s possible that the 2nd installment of the popular maze gamer series is the game for you to play. In Scary Maze Game 2, you just have to guide the ball through the maze towards the finish line. It sounds easy enough but the catch is that you can’t touch the walls or else….let’s just say that you won’t really like the consequences. To play the game and know more about it, click this link: http://www.playscarymazegame.net/scary-maze-game-2

Scary Maze Game 2 is the perfect addition to this awesome game series. Just like the previous version, it’s very fun, exciting and memorable, that’s for sure.

Scary Maze Game 2

Beat the time in Gravoor Perfect

Have you ever heard about Gravoor Perfect? If not, you are fortunate to be reading this article because it will surely give you enough hint on how this game works. Flash games incorporated with the time limit or a timer add challenge to players because of the fact that the time is running which makes the game more exciting. Gravoor Perfect is one of these games that also presents strategic environment and set ups that will make the player think before making a move.
Gravoor Perfect is about a blub like creature that needs to be guided through the game until it reaches the exit tile. There is a time limit which means that the player needs to move Gravoor through obstacles, avoid the walls and fake exits, find keys to unlock doors and reach the exit tile. Gravoor Perfect is truly an exciting and nerve wracking experience for game addicts and even newcomers.

Gravoor Perfect

Enjoy nice graphics in Return Man 6

Return Man 6 is the newest game that is released recently from the developer of the return man series. Play it and share your earned score with your friends and other online people using your email address or your social networking accounts such as Facebook, twitter, daily motion, and Youtube.
The developer did create this version where the designed plot is nice and similar to another title named American Football game. But the question is that how this title or version is similar to that game? Well, the answer is simple. In both of games, a player will need to stop the attacks done by the opponents, and save the ball from going in their hands and put it into its designated area or goal port without failing. Enjoy improved graphics and nice complex plot playing this animated game.

Return Man 6