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Make the enemies explode in Bomb It 1

Are bombs important? Are they always dangerous and meant for negativity? Well, some of us think that way. Most of the time, people only think of bombs as terrorists’ weapon but in reality, there are certain uses of these things that cause a positive outcome. One great example is by destroying an old building in order to make anew and more stable building with a long term tenure. Bombs are already incorporated in flash games as the main weapon of destruction.

Bomb It  (5)

In fact, this article is about a game related with bombs which name is Bomb It 1. This first edition from the series called Bomb It is a great way or method to release tension and stress out of our system. The main objective of the players who will be dealing with this particular game is to kill or eliminate enemies by using the bombs provided in the game screen. This requires strategy and tactics to survive in the entire game. Visit its main website which is http://www.bombit1.com/.

Defend The Tower from the Shade Hordes

Do you like playing strategy games? Do you like defending your base, your house, your property or whatever belongs to you? Then you will surely like playing tower defense games. One tower defense game you will enjoy is Defend the Tower. The shade hordes, you enemies in this game, have crossed from the plane of shadows. Your duty is to stop them and defend your tower and your city from the onslaught of the shade hordes.


Shoot the shade hordes to kill them. Point your mouse on them and left-click. The status bar shows your current level, your points, the tower’s health, the town’s health and how many enemies are left in the level. Points are used in upgrading. You can upgrade your city’s life, tower’s life, weapons, wall and others at the end of each level. Remember that every shade you let fall destroys your native land.

Define and defy Physics with Truck Loader 2

A truck is one of the useful vehicles existing at the moment. There are three uses with this kind of vehicle. First is it can be used in transporting different materials such glass, wood, steel and other fragile or steady equipment. Second is it can be transformed in different kinds of trucks such as garbage truck, delivery truck and fire truck. Last is it can be used in personal and business purposes. This vehicle is now incorporated in flash games like the one called Truck Loader 2. This is the second serving from the physics-based game series called Truck Loader. Continue reading the article to further know more details about this game.

Truck Loader 2 (3)

This game requires strategy and thinking from the player. The platform is set up as well as different boxes and a big truck. The player’s objective is to transfer and move the boxes using the given magnetic forklift truck. Move and navigate the boxes toward the big truck at the end of the platform. Visit this site right here for full details about Truck Loader 2.

Beat the timer in Earn To Die 4

Are you looking for a game that involves money, cars and zombies? If yes, then you are on the right page. There is a flash game that fits the description above. It is called Earn To Die 4. This is the newest version or installment from the flash game series called Earn To Die. This edition is very unique among the other past versions of the series. To know what is that distinctive feature, continue your familiarization with this game by scrolling down and scanning the whole content.

A timer or a clock is the newest feature in this game that will surely excite and thrill the players. The objective of this game is to reach the goal line before the time runs out. Included in the objective is the smashing, crushing and bumping of zombies lurking on your way with the use of four types of vehicles available like a highway patrol car, a patrol transport van, a traffic enforcement truck and a standard police car. The player must be able to unleash his or her driving and smashing skills to accomplish the levels of this game. This exciting and leveled up game can be found and played online.


Survive the tracks in Coaster Racer 2

As we all know, real life racing scenarios is entertaining but very dangerous. It is entertaining in the sense that the thrill, the adrenaline rush and excitement are on point. At the same time, it is dangerous because the speed can’t always be controlled or handled which lead to accidents such as car crash or overheating vehicle. These are the reasons why racing is only done in legal events and competitions. If you are looking for a good alternative, then you will mostly be engaging with the game called Coaster Racer 2.


It is a flash game which means it is done and played virtually and is sure safe. The reason why it is called Coaster Racer 2 because of the tracks that the players will be driving at which are roller coaster-like tracks. The mission of the player is to drive insanely on the tracks with 16 opponents and try to finish ahead of everybody to achieve a higher score. This second edition from the flash game series called Coaster Racer is created and developed by Longanimals.

Destroy buildings with Demolition City 3

Destruction doesn’t always about negativity and bad vibes. It can signify or symbolize something positive in different aspects of life. It can serve as a reminder to strive for peace by praying and a positive thinking. It can also serve an opening for a change which is for the better. Most importantly, it can mean a new start or beginning of something good. On a lighter note, there is a flash game series which aims for destruction rather than construction. It is called Demolition City.

This series has come up with its third installment in Demolition City 3. The main objective of the player in this game is to destroy as many buildings as he or she can with the available weapons of destruction in the game. From the previous versions, there are only five cities but with this one, there are two additional cities such as Ice City and Shopper’s Haven which means an extended adventure or fun. The tools you can use are dynamites, RDX, PCD-200 and others. You can play this game online now!


Observe carefully with Spot The Differences 2

Are you familiar with the game Spot the Difference? Have you played it before? If yes, then you will surely like what this article offers. This article tackles a flash game that has the same theme just like the game Spot the Difference. The title of the flash game is Spot The Differences 2. If you will notice, there is a number 2 which simply means that this is already the second offering or installment from the game series called Spot The Differences.

Spot The Differences 2

If you want to know more about this interesting flash game, you can freely scan the content of the whole article. The objective in this game is the same with the game Spot the Difference which is to point out the difference between drawings or pictures. You will simply use the mouse to point out the differences that you will see between the two pictures which will be given in each level. The faster or quicker you are, the higher your score will be.

A whole new adventure with Duck Life 6

The flash game series called Duck Life has been getting great reviews and positive feedbacks from players around the world because of three factors or reasons. One is because it features a duck which is cute, tiny but entertaining. Two is because of the challenges or trainings that the duck has to endure and go through. Last is because of the features and graphics that are not painful to the eyes.

Duck Life 6 (2)

Duck Life 6 is the sixth edition from the series which will surely be the reason for its avid players joy and excitement. This edition features the Volcano Island as the new setting or environment of the game. The duck has to go through some obstacles before it can reach the valuable treasures in the island. There are skills that it has to master such as swimming, running, flying, and climbing. There is a pet shop where you can purchase a pet so that the duck will have a company along the island. There are five-cup races available and you can find out more about them if you will search for www.ducklife5.org/duck-life-6.

Billiards Master Pro: For Pool Fans!

Do you like to play billiards? If you like and you don’t want to go anywhere, now you can play it in the comfort of you home! You can choose to play with computer or with other player. Either way it provides a lot of fun. There are two modes of Billiards Master Pro: 8 ball mode and straight pool. In the first mode you need to sink all your balls, saving the black one for the end.

Billiards Master Pro (4)

And in the straight pool mode your goal is to sink any eight balls first. If you do that you win! So whether you are good at this sport, or just an amateur, you will improve playing it. It is best to play against the computer first, to get a little bit familiar with the game, if you haven’t played it yet. When you improve your skills you can show them off plating against another player. If you like it you can play the full game here!

Find ways to bring back the smile in Monkey Go Happy 2

Monkey Go Happy is a wonderful game series in which people have the chance to be entertained without even harming or putting the sake of the monkeys in danger since it is through a virtual medium. Flash games are really good ways to have fun with animals without abusing or hurting them because as we all know, there have been many issues surrounding cruelty to animals. Fortunately, there are flash games like the second edition which is Monkey Go Happy 2. If you are curious about this game, you are on the right page because this article will help you familiarize the game.


You will be dealing with monkeys who are sad and depressed for certain reasons. Your mission is to make them happy and bring back their smiles in anyway possible. You will have to use the mouse in navigating in this game and feel free to visit its main webpage online which is www.monkeygohappy6.net/monkey-go-happy-2.