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Enjoy Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4

You may already know the goal of this Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 game by playing those previous versions. So you need to find out the monkeys who are in the hiding place. So go for it and finish it.
In this game there has a lot of hiding place for the mini monkeys and you need to find out them and collect them. You may see that the monkey is in the under a rock. Sometimes the monkey is in the inside of a tree. Sometimes you can find them near of the blow torch. In the scene 2 you may need a helmet to use. After completing the scene 2 you need to go again to the scene 1. Sometimes you should go to the dark room to find the monkeys. You have to do all of these works to find the monkeys and complete this Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 mission.

Train your duck to race in Duck life games

Duck life games are a series of game from Duck life to Duck life 6. This is the best game to play in the sense of funny racing. In this game series all you need is to train your duck to win the race. In this training swimming, racing and flying are the main parts. In all the activities, swimming is the fundamental element of the ducks life, so first training is on swimming. As you know that this game is all about racing so, next training in on racing. And the third training is on flying. Duck has webbed feet, which help them paddle, and walk across the mud and swim on the water surface. You also have to train your duck how to race using bicycle. There are all six categories of Duck life game. Each category need its own skill to play the game. you will definitely enjoy the game from first to last.

Use weapons to kill enemy in Bomb it 2

Here is the second installment of the game series with double entertainment. Bomb it 2 is here with more adventure and enjoyment. This is the best game ever to play in game series. This time there are different worlds to choose from and more exciting levels to complete. As before, it is available with single player and double player options. You can enjoy this double package without any cost or charges. There are new background and a new colorful graphics in this game which makes itself more attractive. Use left and right arrow keys to choose the character. After starting of game arrow keys works for direction and space key for bombing for single player. If you are playing with your friend, use A, W, S and D keys on the key board to move around and space bar for planting bomb. Collect power ups, weapons and vehicles to get more points and destroy your enemies.

Excitement of the Snail Bob 3

This Snail Bob 3 is the third version of this game. In this game you are in a character which is snail and you need to go to the exit safe. Actually it is your duty to do it. But you can get huge fun from this kind of funny game.
In this Snail Bob 3 game you get many things in your path. You may face many obstacles but it is your duty to go to the safe way so that the snail becomes safe. If the snail is being safe to the last moment of the level then it is good for you that you can do your job complete. In the way of your journey you may also get some stars which are not bad at all. Actually those stars are good for you. If you can get them then you can get point. So as much as you can collect them then you can get more points.

Uphill Rush 9: Best Game for Game Lovers!

Good news for all the online-game-lovers! The developers of Uphill Rush games have developed the latest Uphill Rush 9 which is sure to provide a perfect combination of fun, excitement and a real-life adventure to all of you. Play the game now and find in it new exciting items, new characters, new bikes and new locations where you can carry out your marvelous rides. The graphics in this game are more attractive than its prequel and are sure to attract many players. All the settings and customizations in the game are done so as to cater to the needs of a large number of players. An awesome feature is that you can add the game to your personal website before starting.
The basic rules of the game are the same as the previous one. You have to race along the track and be the first one reaching the finishing line. However, here you start with 6 races and if you win, you can unlock the next five. The game also has two cup challenges for each section and some special hidden cups. These add more thrill to the game.

Challenge your brains with Skywire 3

Skywire 3 is the third version of Skywire with brand new feathers. It is an interesting game that you can play now for free. Similar to the other two games of Skywire you have to transport the three passengers to the goal line and there are obstacles to stop. The jump button enables you to jump over the broken tracks and reach safely at other side.
At the end of the level your sore will be turned into coins from which you purchase buffs which allows you to buy extra passengers and they can be used if you lose one passenger during the game. You can even purchase boosters which allow you to increase the speed of chairlift and brakes to stop the chairlift quickly.
Skywire 3 is appropriate for ages 6 above. There is no foul language and something like it. The game is filled with much fun and enjoyment. You can even have fun with facebook friends. This game has adventurous and interesting levels. You will want to play this game all day.

Fancy Pants 2 Cheats – Some Tips and Tricks!

If you find yourself stuck at some level in the Fancy Pants Adventure game, then don’t worry for there are plenty of hints and tricks that will help you to move ahead in the game. Check this game’s webpage to access more helpful information. There are no Fancy Pants 2 cheats or specific codes that you can use to your advantage. However, there are some tips that can come in handy during the game play. For instance, you can easily get clues to where all the trophies and pants are in all of the 6 levels. In level 1, you will find a pair of teal pants and Tommy LM trophy. In the second level, along with Adam Phillips Trophy, you can also get purple pants for your character. In the next level, you can acquire black pants and the Swain Trophy. In other levels, you can obtain yellow, pink and light blue pants.

Shopping Cart Hero 3 – A Game Full of Fun!

Kids and adults will surely going to love playing this game. Shopping Cart Hero 3 introduces another exciting and full of fun game by riding on a shopping cart through many obstacles. On every level you surpass you gain each points from it. You must protect your lives also.
There are several tricks that you can try while playing this game. In order to play these tricks you must click some keyboard keys to enable these. You will be earning more money also as you go through on every level. You can use this amount to upgrade your stuffs that you can use for this game.
This game is created with highly optimized visual features that are really entertaining plus the amusing sound effects. This game can be downloaded for free. Download now and start experiencing the whole fun of the game. You can race finishing all the levels with your friends too!

Bake Your Own Cake on Sue Cake House!

Have you ever tried to bake a cake with different designs? Why not try our cake making game? You will surely going to love baking cakes and designing those using different toppings.
This game is intended for those who love cakes. It would be one of the best games ever that you can try to play online. It has a complete package which will going to teach you on how to make cakes and design them.
This game is very fun and perfect for the little girls to play with. Instructions are given clearly that are easy to manage. Graphics were been made colorful plus the entertaining music that you will surely going to enjoy while playing.
On this game, you can earn more points as you customize more cakes perfectly according to the instructions given while playing the game. You must make your customers happy by giving the rights cakes they ordered.

Enjoy to Play-Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2 is an outstanding action game. The game has the great actions of killing the enemies. There is a very good rule of playing the game that you must follow otherwise you will not be able to play the game well. Check this game anytime you want for free.
Plazma Burst 2 is a real funny game that is played every day by thousands of players. The game has so much enjoyable features for the gamers. You can start to play the game online whenever you want but you must not make the game your habit because it will kill your time. If you become addict to this game then you will waste your time. The game is prepared for the players to pass some time so you must utilize this game properly. I am sure that you will have a great experience of playing game from this game if you play it once.