It is Fishing time in Fish Hunter 2

Fishing is considered as one of the primitive ways to get food. It is also considered the simplest because it doesn’t need complicated materials to execute. But there are instances that fishing has been abused by people who are greedy and resort to dangerous and faster way to get food by implementing dynamite and cyanide fishing. We should only use the simplest and safest way to fish in order to balance the ecosystem.

Fish Hunter 2 (1)

It is nice to see and play flash games that promotes simple fishing like the one called Fish Hunter 2. Obviously, the player will have to perform the role of a fisherman. He must utilize the tool given in the game and catch fishes accordingly. In each level, there will be required three types of fish which the player should catch in order to advance in the next level. To play Fish Hunter 2, simply search for it online.

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