Fun water adventure in H2Overdose Watercross

Water is an essential element in humankind. People benefit from this element in many ways. First is the fact that it supplies us drink. Second is the fact that it provides oxygen that every living thing need. Third is that it generates electricity and energy. And lastly, it can be a theme in a flash game. Yes! A flash game involves water. It is called H2Overdose Watercross.
The good thing about this game is that one will be able to enjoy or have fun in water while doing stunts and racing action. H2Overdose Watercross is a racing game. The unique thing is that the racetrack is the water. As the player, you will use a water bike to join the race. Your mission is to complete three tracks while avoiding obstacles and performing necessary stunts or tricks without falling or crashing to the water. Make sure to balance your water bike and you will surely have fun playing.



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