Fancy Pants World 2: Make Squiggleville Proud

The Fancy Pants World 2 game has a very simple game play.  All the player has to do is take the role of Fancy Pants appearing in a type of golf-shell course with his pencil as golf stick and Snail Shell as ball. He has to then get the ball inside a hole that says ‘Pants’ and the mayor of Squiggleville will appear. The mayor will give ice cream but the Angry Rabbit will take it away from him. Then, the mayor will ask him to take it back. This is when he enters the golf hole again. After completing all the six levels and the extra five levels, Fancy Pants Man will enter The Angry Rabbit’s Rabitty Hideout. Then they will fight. If he wins then his ice cream will float slowly. This game has made it big so far. It is played by millions of gamers all over the world. Try this game and be one of them.

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