Destroy buildings with Demolition City 3

Destruction doesn’t always about negativity and bad vibes. It can signify or symbolize something positive in different aspects of life. It can serve as a reminder to strive for peace by praying and a positive thinking. It can also serve an opening for a change which is for the better. Most importantly, it can mean a new start or beginning of something good. On a lighter note, there is a flash game series which aims for destruction rather than construction. It is called Demolition City.

This series has come up with its third installment in Demolition City 3. The main objective of the player in this game is to destroy as many buildings as he or she can with the available weapons of destruction in the game. From the previous versions, there are only five cities but with this one, there are two additional cities such as Ice City and Shopper’s Haven which means an extended adventure or fun. The tools you can use are dynamites, RDX, PCD-200 and others. You can play this game online now!


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