Demolish more structures in demolition city 3

If you had fun demolishing buildings in Demolition City 1 and 2, you will surely enjoy the third sequel, Demolition City 3. A lot of improvements are added. There are now seven cities: the Gunslinger City which is based on the Wild West; Toga Town which is based on ancient Rome; Gearville which is an industrial city, Fortune City which is based on ancient samurai of Japan, Techno Berg which is run by aliens, Ice City where structures are made of ice and the Shoppers Haven where structures are grocery stores and abandoned shopping malls.


The tools used to demolish the structures are found in your toolbox and can be bought by your earned cash. To easily demolish structures, use various tools together considering the complexity or strength of the structure. You can play this game for free in its official website and other various gaming sites.

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