Defeat the Swine Lord in Hambo 2

Hambo 2 is the sequel to the cute and fun shooting based game series called Hambo. It features a cute and adorable pig which is going for another adventure in this second edition. From the previous game, the pig cop was able to save his friend, Bacon. This time, they will go after the Swine Lord which is named Pig Capone. But before they can do that, they must defeat all the enemies going on their way.

Hambo 2 (2)

Your mission as the player of this game is to help them defeat the opponents. There are 36 levels that you must complete which means it will be a long but exciting adventure. The goal is not an easy task since the setup of the enemies and obstacles gets complicated once you advanced in the game. Your strategy will be put into test so make sure that you know the right angle and shot to make.

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