Defeat the gangsters in Hambo 2

Do you why animals are being incorporated in different flash games? There are four answers that can satisfy the question. One is because of the fact the animals are cute and cuddly creatures. Second is because these animals are good characters to put human actions into. Third reason is that they are great creatures with many uses and talents that can be highlighted in flash games. Last reason is that they can also be good sources of positive entertainment.

One of the cutest and in demand animals is the pig. There are many movies and television series that have maximized a pig. Now, there are flash games that involve this too. One of them is Hambo 2. This is actually the second edition from the popular game series Hambo. You will play as a hero pig and your objective is to fight and eliminate gangster pigs by shooting them. This is a fun and exciting game that requires precision and shooting skills.

Hambo 2 (1)

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