Collect all stars in Snail Bob 8

Are you looking for an adventure game? Would you like to test your skills and see if you can get through obstacles and traps? Play the famous Snail Bob game series. And you will surely love the eighth installment.


In the eighth version, Snail Bob 8 Island Story, Bob is back for another adventure and fun. This time, he is on an island full of surprises and puzzles. Help him find and reach the exit door of each level. Do not be so relaxed though. You may immediately see the exit door but getting there would not be that easy. You must be very careful. There are a lot of obstacles, traps and even surprising impediments. There are levels where you will need to think about what to do in order to get to the exit door. And as you help Bob in getting through all the hurdles, try to find all three hidden stars too. Finding all of them will end the level with three stars.

There are thirty levels for you to finish in Snail Bob 8 plimpi. On top of the level menu, you will see a counter which is a summary of the number of stars you have collected so far. There are a total of ninety stars to collect. Challenge yourself to collect all ninety stars. Aside from finding your way to the exit door, your only challenge in Snail Bob 8 plimpi is to collect all three stars in each level. In the Main Menu, you can also find the buttons of all other Snail Bob games.

Snail Bob 8 plimpi is a simple yet exciting game. You simply have to help Bob find his way to the exit door. In playing Snail Bob 8 plimpi, you will find that there is no life count for Snail Bob. There are no achievements or trophies to achieve.

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