Choose runner or Skater in Fun Run 2

Jump your way across the space, in search of Runner and Skaters’s home. Ready your mind for the twists and tilts that Fun Run 2 will give you. Walk through walls and jump on ceilings without falling into the infinite space. Blaze through 25 challenging levels and 6 bonus levels; these will surely test your decision-making and way-pointing skills.

Choose between Runner and Skater as your character and start collecting those gold coins. Runner can be controlled easier while Skater can jump further. Although it is a 3d running game you will just be using Left and Right arrow keys for side to side movement, and space bar for jumping since your character will be automatically running forward and would stop if you walk on a wall that it cannot climb. You can customize each key wherever you are comfortable to if you don’t feel like using the default ones. Each character has a different track and level, so you won’t feel that finishing a level would be easier by using Runner than Skater or vise-versa. If finishing the track alone is too easy for you, try collecting gold coins in every level to get the Kongregate badge. If that is still too easy for you, you can create your own stage.

Fun Run 2 (3)

It will take a bit of time but you will surely enjoy your own creation and you can share it with your friends too. After you save a stage you created, you will get a code that you can load while you play or pass it to friends for them to try it out. Fun Run 2 pc running game will get you addicted and will have you sitting in front of your computer for hours. You can also download and play it on your mobile device. Show off your progress with your friends and fun-run together.

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