Break down the blocks in Blosics 3

Do you love Physics? Do you understand most details that this subject contains? If you are on the negative side, it is understandable to have that answer because Physics is a subject that may seem simple but very tricky or complicated as the discussion progresses. However, today’s topic is not mainly about physic but a flash game with the touch of force and projection. The game is called Blosics 3. It is a physics-based game where one needs to measure and predict right force and direction to break the blocks set up in a pattern.
There are three features that a player should give attention. One is the size of the ball. It is an important element in succeeding the game. The size of the ball is integral because some hit less force while others offers greater power that you should pick. One must also decide the projection of the ball. The way you interact with the game depends on what pattern is presented on each level. You must be able to put enough angle and power for the ball to hit all the blocks. Lastly, one should be familiar with the number of balls, which is 13, and a level, which is 30 to be able to operate easily, while the game progresses. Blosics 3 will surely make you think more and interact well.

Blosics 3

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