Billiards Master Pro: For Pool Fans!

Do you like to play billiards? If you like and you don’t want to go anywhere, now you can play it in the comfort of you home! You can choose to play with computer or with other player. Either way it provides a lot of fun. There are two modes of Billiards Master Pro: 8 ball mode and straight pool. In the first mode you need to sink all your balls, saving the black one for the end.

Billiards Master Pro (4)

And in the straight pool mode your goal is to sink any eight balls first. If you do that you win! So whether you are good at this sport, or just an amateur, you will improve playing it. It is best to play against the computer first, to get a little bit familiar with the game, if you haven’t played it yet. When you improve your skills you can show them off plating against another player. If you like it you can play the full game here!

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