Beat the timer in Earn To Die 4

Are you looking for a game that involves money, cars and zombies? If yes, then you are on the right page. There is a flash game that fits the description above. It is called Earn To Die 4. This is the newest version or installment from the flash game series called Earn To Die. This edition is very unique among the other past versions of the series. To know what is that distinctive feature, continue your familiarization with this game by scrolling down and scanning the whole content.

A timer or a clock is the newest feature in this game that will surely excite and thrill the players. The objective of this game is to reach the goal line before the time runs out. Included in the objective is the smashing, crushing and bumping of zombies lurking on your way with the use of four types of vehicles available like a highway patrol car, a patrol transport van, a traffic enforcement truck and a standard police car. The player must be able to unleash his or her driving and smashing skills to accomplish the levels of this game. This exciting and leveled up game can be found and played online.


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