Be the best team in March Mania

Basketball is one of the sports that have earned great amount of popularity worldwide because of three reasons. First is because it is a team sports which means many people can play. Second is the goal which is to shoot the ball on the basket which requires precision and a bit of Physics. Last is that it enables to build power, control and eye contact of an individual which is a symbol of a beneficial activity. No wonder why there are flash games emerging with it as the theme like March Mania. It is another medium for basketball fans to enjoy the sports. With March Mania, the player will have to choose or create a team where he or she will pick the teammates.
The team will have to beat their rivals to earn points and advance to the next level of the game. The graphics in this game is perfectly fine which surely attracts players. Play March Mania on the official website and enjoy the hoops.

March Mania

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