A whole new adventure with Duck Life 6

The flash game series called Duck Life has been getting great reviews and positive feedbacks from players around the world because of three factors or reasons. One is because it features a duck which is cute, tiny but entertaining. Two is because of the challenges or trainings that the duck has to endure and go through. Last is because of the features and graphics that are not painful to the eyes.

Duck Life 6 (2)

Duck Life 6 is the sixth edition from the series which will surely be the reason for its avid players joy and excitement. This edition features the Volcano Island as the new setting or environment of the game. The duck has to go through some obstacles before it can reach the valuable treasures in the island. There are skills that it has to master such as swimming, running, flying, and climbing. There is a pet shop where you can purchase a pet so that the duck will have a company along the island. There are five-cup races available and you can find out more about them if you will search for www.ducklife5.org/duck-life-6.

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