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Viral creature extermination is a must in Mutant Hamsters

A virus is one of the deadliest illness ever existed. The way how it is easily spread is one of the main reason for it being one of the lethal disease. Fortunately, professionals in the field of Science and Medicine are doing extreme effort to find cures which are slowly but surely coming into life. Do you know that there is a flash game about a virus and their victims? Yes, there is. The name of the flash game is Mutant Hamsters. This is about the virus-infected hamsters destroying a certain lab. It is time for hamster extermination.

The objective of this game is that you have to kill and shoot all the hamsters. Maybe you are asking why do you have to do such objective. The answer is because they are infected with a virus that makes them mutant and evil. Besides killing the hamsters, the next thing that you have to do is to escape the laboratory which will explode in a matter of time. Make sure that you are quick in shooting and eliminating the greedy and gritty creatures.

mutant hamsters

Looks can be deceiving and fun with Panda Tactical Sniper

There is no doubt that one of the cutest animals in the world is the Panda. In terms of looks, it seems innocence and very cuddly but when it comes to reality of wildlife, everything changes. As most of us are aware, not all kinds of pandas are calm and steady because there are some wild ones that really look forward for chaos rather than peace. But we must remember that every living thing in this world deserves respect and love. This content that you are currently scanning offers a great game about panda.

One good example is the flash game called Panda Tactical Sniper. The main character in this game is a cute panda that is looking for its favorite food. It is searching for the food in different places not knowing that it causes a lot of tensions between the people living nearby. Your main goal is to cover the space and movement of the hungry animal. You must be able to protect him from the people that it has disturbed and make sure that they will not be able to hurt the animal by shooting at them.


Solve mysteries in space in Space Oddities

Unveil the truth and find out what happened in a apace station that works for humans in Space Oddity. The Space Station LPXVII has stopped communicating HQ four months ago, your ship is the closest one and you are ordered to get inside and find out what happened. Commanding officer suspects that the ships mainframe malfunctioned and orders you to recover the energy supply module. You play as Space Explorer Anderman and your mission is to get into the core of the space station, look for ways to get inside and explore the ship.

Space Oddity (2)

There are couples of puzzles that you need to analyze and solve. Solving one will lead you to another and so on. There are series of numbers and patterns that you must remember throughout the game, that will help you to open up more leads. The game ends in an cut scene where your ship’s communication has been also cut off. Finish the game and all the following sequels to find out what will happen to Mister Anderman.

Choose runner or Skater in Fun Run 2

Jump your way across the space, in search of Runner and Skaters’s home. Ready your mind for the twists and tilts that Fun Run 2 will give you. Walk through walls and jump on ceilings without falling into the infinite space. Blaze through 25 challenging levels and 6 bonus levels; these will surely test your decision-making and way-pointing skills.

Choose between Runner and Skater as your character and start collecting those gold coins. Runner can be controlled easier while Skater can jump further. Although it is a 3d running game you will just be using Left and Right arrow keys for side to side movement, and space bar for jumping since your character will be automatically running forward and would stop if you walk on a wall that it cannot climb. You can customize each key wherever you are comfortable to if you don’t feel like using the default ones. Each character has a different track and level, so you won’t feel that finishing a level would be easier by using Runner than Skater or vise-versa. If finishing the track alone is too easy for you, try collecting gold coins in every level to get the Kongregate badge. If that is still too easy for you, you can create your own stage.

Fun Run 2 (3)

It will take a bit of time but you will surely enjoy your own creation and you can share it with your friends too. After you save a stage you created, you will get a code that you can load while you play or pass it to friends for them to try it out. Fun Run 2 pc running game will get you addicted and will have you sitting in front of your computer for hours. You can also download and play it on your mobile device. Show off your progress with your friends and fun-run together.

Stack with perfection and control in Skill Stack

Timing is a skill which is very important in different industries or aspects. There are three reasons why. First is because timing is required which is sometimes hard to attain for young players and even adults because of nerves. Second is because it acts as a medium where an individual can really practice timing. Last is because it brings thrill and anticipation to players. One good example is the flash game called Skill Stack. From the title alone, you can easily determine that it has something to do with stacking and fun.


A player must be able to focus on the screen and the space bar while playing Skill Stack because you have to stack the rows presented on the screen and try to create the highest tower as much as possible. Timing is an integral skill as mentioned above because once you are not able to stack the rows correctly, everything will be challenging and it would be hard for you to create the highest tower. If you are that good in timing and stacking, then this game is the perfect fit for you.

Touch the highest heights in Learn to Fly 4

There are games existing online which are entertaining, amazing and worth-playing. They are truly important in every aspects of entertainment. Flash games are important in attaining entertainment when one is bored or wants to kill time. They are also useful in teaching young minds because there are educational games existing too. The name of the flash game mentioned below is Learn to Fly 4. This is the fourth edition from the game series called Learn to Fly.

If you are an avid fan of this series, you will see new things in this fourth one. The focus in this game is that the penguin will have to utilize the flying machines. There are machines like planes and rockets that the player will have to wisely use in order for the penguin to reach farther and longer distances as much as possible. This is a game about reaching highest heights and you can only do that if you visit www.learntofly4.net now!


Indulge yourself in the Red Ball World

The Red Ball World is consists of fun adventure games. In Red Ball, you simply deal with challenging obstacles in twelve levels. In Red Ball 2, losing the royal crown after being crowned as the king, help search for it in twenty exciting levels. In Red Ball 3, red ball must save his beloved pink ball and fight against the black ball.

In Red Ball 4 volume 1, red ball must save his town, his country and the world by defeating the Black Square and his minions. Red ball must defeat Black Square over again in Red Ball 4 volume 2. And not learning his lesson, Black Square must be defeated again and be imprisoned in a dungeon in Red Ball volume 3. Red Ball 5 brings new thirty challenging levels with new monsters and new obstacles. You will surely enjoy playing each installment.


Enjoy fighting and shooting in Gun Mayhem 5

Prepare yourself for another shooting experience in the fifth edition of the Gun Mayhem game series. Gun Mayhem 5 Chaos Faction 2 is said to be the top blow in the game series for being packed with new characters, stronger opponents, different gun types, interesting choice of attacks and extra effects. You can choose from three game modes: Campaign, Deathmatch and Survival. The Campaign Mode is divided into three zones, each zone with five levels. The fifth level of each zone will unlock after you played the first four levels.


In the Deathmatch, you can play with or against five more players. There are four game types to choose from: Last Standing, Most Kills After, First to Kill Wins and Plunger Match. In Survival Mode, you can check until when you can survive against the increasingly tough opponent. Red more and play for free at http://www.gunmayhem4.net/gun-mayhem-5/.

Be a great driver in NY Cab Drive

Being a driver takes a lot of effort and perseverance on a daily basis. This is the reason why we shouldn’t take them for granted or degrade them in any way possible. If not for them, transportation can be tough and challenging for those who don’t have their own vehicle to drive. It is quite delighting to know that there are different entertainment mediums that are incorporating this particular job. The reason is because of the appreciation that the creators want to send as well as the entertainment factor that they possess virtually and in real life.


One good example is the game called NY Cab Drive. The mission of the gamers who will be engaging with it is to be a cab driver in one of the busiest and liveliest cities around the world which is New York City. Your goal is to transport the passengers towards their destination with less damage on the vehicle. You must be able to follow the traffic signs properly for great scores.

Build walls and towers wisely in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Medieval period is one of the most serene and most beautiful era in history. Many people are fascinated about this period even up to this day. There are three reasons why. First is because of the fact that this is the time where Kings, Queens and Knights are very prominent which are the peg in life of children and adults. Second is because of the presence of chivalry, bravery and harmony. Last is because of the vibes or atmosphere that the era presents or offers which is why most people love to go back to this time.

Kingdom rush 2 (1)

Fortunately, this period has been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. In fact, this blog is presenting a good game which is called Kingdom Rush Frontiers. This is a part of the game series called Kingdom Rush. The mission of the players who wants to deal with this specific game is to build walls, towers and buildings for defensive and offensive purposes. Make sure that you are able to build them wisely so that the enemies will have a difficult time to penetrate your kingdom.